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Therapy Experiences What Does My Therapist Think of Me?

Therapy Experiences – What Does My Therapist Think of Me?

Therapy experiences come with common questions that therapy clients have during their journey. Some generally wonder what their therapist is thinking of them and some wonder what their therapist thinks of them particularly in their progress. Sanam Naran gives a clear and concise understanding of what happens in one’s mind and where it stems from when wondering what your therapist is thinking of you.


So, I’ve been asked, “Does my therapist ever feel irritated or frustrated that I’m not making progress as quick as I should be?”.

From my point of view, that is not something a Psychologist is ever thinking. In fact, if something like that does come up in the therapy space I may make an interpretation like, “Well, I’m wondering why you have such high expectations of yourself”, or I might say something like, “I’m wondering if you are really worried about what I’m thinking of you”, and this really reflects that this person really worries about what other people think of them and may come from an environment where they’ve had high expectations put on them, or they never felt good enough. So, that sort of infiltrates into the therapy space.

As a Psychologist, I would never project my expectations of progress onto my clients. In fact I would feel really grateful that my client felt comfortable enough to come to me and let me know that they felt this way. This would also give me a lot of information into their inner world and what it is that they’re experiencing internally.

If you ever find yourself in a situation like that, where you were wondering what your therapist was thinking about you, bring that up to them and you’ll see what sort of healing actually comes from that.

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