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Our approach with adolescents, seeks to look beneath the surface of difficult emotions, behaviours and relationships to help them and their families understand themselves and their problems. We are trained to carefully observe what a young person might be communicating non-verbally through their behaviour.

Our therapeutic skills enables us to work with these distressing thoughts and to develop and sustain relationships with young people to help them make sense of their experiences. Confused, frightened, hurt, angry or painful feelings can gradually be put into words rather than actions. As a result the teen can begin to express their emotions more healthily. They are likely to feel less anxious, are more able to learn and are better equipped to sustain friendships.

Adolescent Therapy

Psychologists Who Specialize With Adolescent Therapy

A professional Psychologist is able to provide adequate therapeutic services to teenagers. Adolescents/teenagers are the primary recipients of  adolescent therapy. The goal of adolescent therapy is to provide prevention and diagnosis, as well as treatment for psychological problems that they face. 

Often times children have to spend over half the day at school, with friends. The reality is that adolescents and teenagers are looking for answers, they want to understand things around them and they look up to parents and other adults for these answers. It’s not always possible for parents to provide adequate attention to the development and experiences that their teenagers go through, and this hampers the way they make decisions and behave. 

They often feel burdensome and left out when everyone else is busy, and there seems to be a constant void for guidance and general answers to the changes and challenges that they face. Professional Psychologists are cautiously trained and equipped to bridge that gap and provide the much needed support for kids and teenagers. 

Conscious Psychology hosts specialized Psychologists who’s passion for the wellbeing of adolescents and teenagers is constantly up to date. We’ve created an atmosphere conducive for them to find reason to express themselves and are motivated to tackle the challenges they face.