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Our blog posts are specially written to educate and shed some light on burning subjects in psychology. All our blog posts are written by one of our professional Psychologists in the area of their specialty. For more personalized assistance please click here to reach out to a registered Psychologists. 

Therapy Experiences – Taking Notes In A Therapy Session Therapy Experiences are some of Sanam’s profound explanations of some common experiences people have throughout their therapy sessions and provides a clear description of what would

Therapy Experiences – What Does My Therapist Think of Me? Therapy experiences come with common questions that therapy clients have during their journey. Some generally wonder what their therapist is thinking of them and some

Affirmations Don’t Work When Used Incorrectly Affirmations are such effective tools for mental health when used correctly. Sanam Naran, a professional Counselling Psychologist gives a foundational understanding on the best way to use affirmations. Contact

Mental Illness Does Not Give You The Right To: Coping with mental illness is one of the most confusing and destabilizing experience a person can go through. However, if you constantly engage in any of

I’ve Always Wanted To Say This: Taking care of your mental health is not aesthetic morning routines, journaling in your garden, matcha or coffee, going to the gym in your new gear & dainty lunches

Can I Afford Therapy In South Africa? Whether one can afford therapy in South Africa or not is a question that most people have asked themselves without getting any answers. Here are a few things

People of Colour (PoC) and Breaking Generational Trauma It seems as if People of Colour are becoming more aware of their own generational trauma and are striving to heal and change cultural norms, in the

What Are The Main Reasons People Think They Don’t Need Therapy? This is such an interesting topic for me as I have come across various opinions and narratives around it, both in my practice experience,

Through The Mind of A Stalker In this article, Sanam Naran takes us through the thought processes of a stalker and helps to identify one.   What Signs Should I Look Out For When I

Boundaries In Brown Families Boundaries in brown families is a subject of importance. In this article, Sanam Naran explains why it can be very difficult to implement boundaries in brown families. Though this is possible,

Family Therapy Family Therapy has fast become a necessity and a need that we all cannot do without. If you are born and you are now grown, then you certainly need therapy, it is even

Anxiety Disorder – Introduction Everyone experiences anxiety at some point of their lives and this is because anxiety is a normal human emotion. Anxiety is the body’s natural way of responding to stress. Anxiety is

How To Deal With Grief And Loss Grief is something that every individual gets to deal with in their lifetime, in this article, Sanam Naran takes us through an informative path to understanding what is

Classroom Management Introduction To Classroom Management   A child’s classroom time plays a great role in shaping their behaviours and mannerisms. It’s very important that we Learn how to discipline children in a healthy and

Conflict Management In The Workplace What Is Conflict? Conflict can be considered as a chance for growth, but if not handled properly, can become dangerous to relationships, especially in the workplace. Conflict can be identified

Masking Behviours In Psychology “Don’t be fooled by the face I wear, for I wear a thousand masks, and none of them are me. Don’t be fooled. For god’s sake don’t be fooled. I give