Psychologists In Cape Town

Psychologist In Cape Town

at the moment, we only offer online therapy in cape town

Generally, a Psychologist intends to solve psychological problems to different types of individuals and groups. However, as a Psychologist, our passion is driven by the specific needs that we may have realized in a certain area, a certain ethnic group, a certain age group and maybe certain communities. 

Cape Town is an iconic city, known for its amazing landscapes and economic contribution to national stability. 

Though such an iconic city, Cape Town is also a host to many communal challenges, among them being gangsterism, teenage pregnancies, drug addictions, and early deaths among the youth. These are challenges that have been proven over time to stem from many psychological needs. 

Conscious Psychology conducts rigorous research and application to best implement effective psychological services specific to the challenges faced by residents of Cape Town. 

At the moment we only offer online counselling in Cape Town. Offices in Cape Town will launch soon for in-person counselling.


  • We Host Registered Psychologists
  • Upholding Regulatory Standards
  • We value your integrity



  • Understanding Different Backgrounds
  • Inclusive Ethnicity, Religion & Culture
  • Understanding Ages & Experiences

Hope For The Cities of Cape Town

Conscious Psychology believes in the efforts of the government of Cape Town towards the health stability of the communities. As such, we aim to contribute a great deal of expertise in mental health. 

Here are some of our service offerings in Cape Town. Click on the each item below to find out more. 

group therapy