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Can I Afford Therapy In South Africa?

Can I Afford Therapy In South Africa?

Whether one can afford therapy in South Africa or not is a question that most people have asked themselves without getting any answers. Here are a few things that will give you the options available to affordable therapy.

  • Don’t Compromise Your Mental Health.

Therapy with a Psychologist can be pricey, but this should never deter you from accessing services. Your mental health is imperative & should be treated with the utmost quality of care and caution.

  • There Are Options Available.

There are a handful of free counselling options available which can be accessed through government hospitals & clinics. However, this may not be ideal for everyone – the public sector is often inundated with requests.

  • Accessible Options & Disadvantages.

There are further counselling options that can be accessed through NGO’s such as SADAG, FAMSA, CSVR, JPCCC, Lifetime & your universities psychology clinic. Bear in mind, you are not always guaranteed to see a qualified psychologist here – it could be a lay counsellor, intern, etc.

Did you know that if you are on medical aid (any plan, including hospital plan) you may have full access to therapy with a Psychologist, without having to go into you savings? It is a benefit called Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMB) which is available on all medical aids and all plans.

  • Get Professional Advise.

However, you need to meet certain criteria to use this benefit, of which your Psychologist can advise on. If you’re approved, you can access up to 15 sessions per year, depending on your medical aid.

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